About Kimberly Deziree

About Kimberly Deziree

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Deziree is a Transformation Coach who, as an Intuitive, uses her KEEN INSIGHT to help her clients see TROUBLESOME areas THAT SUGGEST ATTENTION NEEDED. She offers Life, Spiritual and Business Coaching as well Personal guidance THAT LEADS her clients to a path of healing HEARTS & SOULS. She especially enjoys mentoring up and coming Spiritual entrepreneurs in their pursuit of achieving success with their business goals!

Ms. Deziree is internationally known for her writing accomplishments which currently include published articles in Spiritual Biz Magazine and Success Profiles Magazine. Some articles were written on noted spiritual leaders such as Michael Mirdad, Collette Baron Reid, Ben and Jen Rode of the world-renowned Rode Institute to up and coming individuals making an impact on the spiritual community. Other articles written by Kimberly pertain to achieving success within the business world. These articles are in addition to the monthly column she ran as “Dear Deziree” in which Kimberly, known Internationally as the Intuitive “Dear Abby” of the Spiritual Community, worked with people across the globe in a weekly Q & A segment at Spiritual Biz magazine. She is also currently working on her first book which she hopes to see published by mid-2019.

Having been a member of Toastmasters, she had the honor of winning 2 speaking awards in the first 3 months of her membership. This achievement assisted her in speaking in front of groups, especially when she was invited to speak to a private group of graduating students which ultimately, led to her becoming an Executive Director of a Business Consulting Firm. Her duties as Executive Beauty Division Director were to oversee the educational side of the business. She was responsible for coaching and mentoring business owners, helping them to uncover their blocks and create personal/business strategies to help them to find success and achieve their goals.

Kimberly has also begun to make her mark in the social media arena as well. Beginning with her FB page, she started creating blogs and videos sharing her journey with those who were following her. This quickly developed into a FB “closed group” page which currently has numerous followers. Due to her ability to share her vulnerability, she has become sought after as a regular guest on local TV and International Radio talk shows, Global Summits and now even has her own Podcast.

She has completed multiple workshops with World Renowned Spiritual Teachers/Healers and Authors. With her spiritual and business coaching classes she's able to create and teach her own classes about the Awakening and Healing process. The courses include (to mention a few) “The Only One Holding You Hostage in Life is You” and “Take Control of Your Personal Happiness Today!” as well as her extremely popular workshop “Business 101 for Healers”. She has taught these courses in many venues and will soon be teaching them on Spiritual Theme Cruises Worldwide with other Internationally known Speakers/Teachers. In 2018, Kimberly took her Signature Course “Reclaim Your Life & Become Who You are Meant to Be - A Journey of Self Discovery & Healing and turned it into a successful retreat which she will be taking to various locations around the world in 2019.

When not busy teaching courses, Kimberly helps with spiritual and business coaching, and Mentor assisting her fellow Spiritual Business entrepreneurs by utilizing her 33 years of experience as a successful business owner of 7 businesses. She also uses the knowledge attained from her former position as an Executive Director of a Business Consulting Firm to help further her client’s success

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What can I do for you?​

I help my clients break through barriers in areas of personal, spiritual and business coaching. My mission is to get you to a place of mastery in the areas of spirituality and personal business.

As a Speaker, I challenge people’s minds, belief systems

 and speak to them about the awakening process and the things that are holding them hostage in their own lives. I talk about how to take their goals and dreams and turn them into reality by helping them to overcome their limited belief systems. I talk about fear, where it comes from, how to conquer fear and how people can reclaim their lives and take their power back.

As a spiritual and business coach my passion is speaking to up and coming Spiritual Entrepreneurs and sharing my journey and knowledge of how I became a Transformation Coach. I speak of how I overcame an extremely painful and traumatic childhood, the process it took to overcome it and how I moved from continued failure to success. My goal is to motivate and inspire others to know that they are not their story or a victim of their circumstances and that there is no obstacle they cannot overcome to become who they want to be. My message is one of healing, self-love and empowerment.

As a Transformation Coach it is my honor and privilege to work with my clients in 3 specific areas

those being Personal, Business & Spiritual. As a Coach/Mentor, I am here to help you through your Personal Journey of Transformation by Identifying the areas in your life that are “Out of Balance”. Then together Create solutions to get you the immediate Relief and Results that you have been searching for.

We will work together to help you overcome limited thinking patterns and old belief systems, thus empowering you to trust yourself and your decisions concerning you and your wellbeing for your future. Next, we will put a plan of action together to begin the manifestation process of making your Happiness Goals/Dreams a Reality!

As a Writer, I focus on creating courses for classes, workshops, retreats and webinars

on topics pertaining to Personal Development and I also write courses regarding the “Ins and Outs” of successful Business Development. Some of my courses include “Reclaim Your Life and Become Who You Are Meant to Be-A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing”, “The Only One Holding You Hostage in Life is You” and “Business 101 for Spiritual Entrepreneurs” to name a few. At this time, I am currently expanding some of my courses into written Self-Help books for people to use as guides on their own journeys of Personal Transformation.

I have written articles that have been published in online Magazines and conducted interviews with prominent Spiritual and Business leaders in their industries. I am also currently writing a book on my story of overcoming a traumatic childhood which led to years of negative consequences until I had my awakening which is when everything changed dramatically in my life. It’s my story on how I became a Transformation Coach!

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With spiritual and business coaching my PASSION is to Inspire an Awakening and create a desire within those who have given up on their dreams to go after them! I do this by teaching about where fear comes from, false belief systems we have about ourselves, how our thoughts really do create our reality and that we can absolutely live an authentic life that is full of joy and happiness. We can achieve our dreams, it’s possible!

“Let Today Be the Day That You Commit to Your Dreams and Make Them Your Reality. You Are Ready….”

”Reclaim Your Life & Become Who You Are Meant to Be!"

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