What I Do

As a Transformation Coach I Rely on my business background and my strong intuition to extract the very best out of my clients regarding their capabilities to create their dreams in business, life and sometimes the unexpected.

I Coach - As a transformation coach it is my honor and privilege to work with my clients in 3 specific areas, those being Life, Business & Spiritual.

I Speak - I Challenge people's minds, belief systems and speak to them about the awakening process and the things that are holding them hostage in their own lives.

I Write - I focus on creating courses for classes, workshops, retreats and webinars on topics pertaining to Personal Development.


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About Kimberly

KIMBERLY DEZIREE is internationally known as the Intuitive “Dear Abby” of the spiritual community for her column at Spiritual Biz Magazine. As a Transformation Coach who also is an Intuitive, Kimberly uses her keen insight to help her clients see troublesome areas that suggest needed attention. She offers Spiritual & Personal guidance that leads her clients to a path of healing hearts and souls.

She has published extensively in Spiritual Biz Magazine and Success Profiles Magazine and has completed multiple workshops with world-renowned spiritual teachers/healers and authors.

When not busy teaching courses, Kimberly works as a business coach and mentor assisting her fellow spiritual business entrepreneurs by utilizing her 33-years of experience as a successful business owner of 7 businesses. She also uses the knowledge attained from her former position as the Executive Director of a Business Consulting Firm to help further her client’s success.

What My Clients Say

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Are you ready to find out what’s holding you back from living your best Life? Bringing you the clarity and answers that you have been seeking deep within your heart, this program is designed to Transform your life at a Soul Level, giving you the freedom to move forward to claim your dreams, goals and desires no matter how out of reach they may seem.

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